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Tim, Here are a few pictures of the DOD that we purchased from you loaded down with a 2500KVA transformer that weighs around 14,000lbs and we have plenty of room for additional items that maybe needed on the jobsite.

-Thanks, Duncan Black

Hey Tim, Thanks again. You guys are great. Please see the attached photo. It looks like we need more of a drop on the hitch. A lot more maybe.


I wanted to say a big thank you to Tim and Julie for getting me set up with a great Diamond C trailer. I came in looking for a relatively inexpensive carry-on brand utility trailer. Tim found out that I was going to be doing long hauls with ATVs to and from Tennessee and later the same day that I first came in he got in a used Diamond C trailer. Tim called me to let me know this would be a better trailer for long hauls and got me set up with it. I appreciate the service and for looking out for my best interests. Great team there.


I love it!!!

I Love it!!!

Thanks Tim & Julie