About Us

With our 50+ year legacy, we pride ourselves on our extensive list of satisfied local and national customers and our reputation for providing quality brands at competitive prices.

Originally started in the 1960s by local legend Dow "Uncle Charlie" Reid, Country Boy quickly became the go-to for trailer sales and service - and one of the first parts departments in Georgia. With roots in welding, Uncle Charlie built the first trailers that Country Boy sold. This culture of creatively repairing, maintaining, and modifying trailers is what keeps our service department above the others.

With years of industry expertise, we are pleased to offer you the leading brands in each trailer category, most of which come with warranties and the ability to spec to your needs.

We are always competitive and like cars, trailers come with many options, so be sure to compare like-for-like when researching our prices!

Country Boy Trailers: "Behind you all the way"

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